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How to Replace a Garbage Disposal


Part 1
Removing the Old Disposal Unit
1- Turn off the energy to the garbage disposal.
2- Identify your Garbage Disposal disposal.
3- Disconnect the discharge tube.
4- Release the old disposal from the mounting ring.
5- Separate the disposal from the electricity supply.

Part 2
Replacing Worn-Out Mounting Hardware
1- Pull off the present mounting ring.
2- Loosen the nut securing the relaxation of the assembly.
3- Remove the sink flange.
4- Install the new sink flange.
5- Connect the new mounting assembly.

Part 3
Installing the New Disposal
1- Secure the substitute disposal to the mounting ring.
2- Reattach the electrical wires.
3- Reconnect the discharge tube.
4- Trim the discharge tube as needed.
5- Run water via the disposal to test for leaks.
6- Test the new disposal.

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Plumbing Arlington TX ( How to Unclog a Drain )
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1- Snake a sink drain with a hanger that's bent at the end. Straighten out a wire coat hanger and bend the tip to a 90-degree angle with a pair of pliers. Be sure the length of the hook is small enough the fit through the basket strainer, which is the screen designed to catch foreign particles. Push the hooked end down the drain, twist it, and pull it upward. Continue this until you fish out hair and dirt from the drain that is clogged.
• Remove the basket strainer from below the sink using an adjustable wrench if the snake doesn't fit through its holes.
• Try not to push the debris further down into the pipe. The goal is to drag out whatever is causing the clog.
• For 2-bowl sinks, twist the hanger and pull until you feel it hook onto the baffle, which is the part narrower than the rest of the drain. Afterward, wiggle it up and down while twisting to clear the clog.

2- Suck out the source of a sink or tub clog using a wet/dry vacuum. Turn the vacuum to the wet setting so it is safe to vacuum liquids and turn it to its highest suction. Now, hold it over the drain and the force of the vacuum will bring the clog up from the drain and into the vacuum. If this doesn't work, insert the nozzle into the drain as far as possible. Remember not to try this with a machine that is not equipped to handle both dry and wet work.
• Always cover the vacuum vent with a plastic container or bag to catch particles that are too fine for the filter. If you don't, you risk creating a spray or mess with whatever comes out of the drain.
• Seal the drain with a plunger head to force the liquid that leaves the drain to go directly into the vacuum. Remove a plunger head from its handle, place it over the sink's hole, and insert your vacuum nozzle through the hole.

3- Plunge a sink or tub drain with a toilet plunger. Place a toilet plunger directly over the clogged drain and press down gently to create a seal. After pressing down, plunge up and down vigorously while maintaining the seal. Stop when you see water flooding down the drain or hear the clog come free.
• Never attempt this if you have used a chemical solvent like Draino, as you risk the chemical spraying upward onto your skin.
• Don't angle the plunger or you risk breaking the seal.
• Remove the plunger from over the drain after you press down on it 4 or 5 times. Check to see if you brought anything up. If you did, clean it away from the drain; if you didn't, try plunging again.

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